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3 weeks old June 11, 2009

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Well chicks are now 3 weeks old. This is the one of the two known males. Tomorrow I will buy cable ties to mark the chicks. They will eventualy be marked with bandettes but I am waiting on the catalog to order those from cutler. Also tomorrow I will be buying a waterer for them as of now I am using a flat plastic veggi stream bottom. There feeders I made myself out of pringles cans as I make soap and use those for molds. I am also using a platic sandwhich container which I feed there chick starter wet and make a mash out of it. It is just big enough that half full lasts about an hour before having to be refilled so it does not go bad. There room is right across the hall from my computer room so I am able to keep tabs on them easy.

It is hard to tell how much they have grown as I see them every day. I am taking pics of them at least once a week so that helps. Out of the two color pattern the solid brown seem to be getting feathers in the fastest. Many of the pullet already have back feathers coming in and some neck also. Out of the chipmunks pattern none of them have backs coming in yet. I have to laugh at myself for I keep seeing poopy butt but when I pick up a chick it is only but feathers coming in.

My those wing feathers are being put to use also. every time one chick flies up you see fuzz come off and then beak start snapping the fuzz out of the air. Good pratice for catching flying bugs.

male chick

male chick

Many of them are now sleeping out of the light on the other side of the brooder.  I had one female that was a cronic dust bather who it seems has stop that somewhat.  She would dust bath in the sawdust for hal hour at a time.  I put in the bottom of a flower pot and filled it with the saw dust hoping she would use that instead of next to the water.  Since she was kicking sawdust into the water.  Well that sorta of work but most of the time they sleep in it instead of using it for bathing.
I had one funny thing happen last week.  I turned off the light in the brooder to let it cool down and let the brooder cool a bit since it was so hot in there.  I was not running the ac and the windows were open.  Anyway after I turned it off one of the chicks I guess got mad for she kept flying up at the light.  At first I thought it was a mistake but she continued to do it over and over till I shooed her away and turned it back on.  She never did it again after that and has not any other time I have turned it off.  Silly chicks just gotta love them.


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