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Banding the chicks June 12, 2009

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Well, I bought the cable ties in 5 colors today. Let me say I am not thrilled with using these. I did one pullet in yellow, which turned into a ordel because she slipped it off the first time. After I got it on I put her back in the brooder. That turned into an attack fest on her leg with one chick pulling her off her feet. So I took her out and slipped it off her leg.

Next I tried the male with a blue one. That went alot easier and after he was in the brooder there was no real fuss. I then did another female with yellow again, no problems this time at all. I think since the male was not banned first he saw the female with it and really went after it and ofcourse all the others followed. He was the one that pulled her off her feet.

I do see a problem with these though and that will be cutting them off. I had to put them tight enough this time not to slip off. I can see where cutting them off will be a big problem as scissors will not fit unless real slim. I am going to wait for the bandetts and not put any more cable ties on. I just do not feel it is worth the hasel to the chick or the trama of putting them on and the removal.

On a good note i did buy the 1 gallon waterer. It seems to be working fine although they were scared of it at first. I put it up on the bottom saucer of a flower pot filled with sawdust to raise it high enough. So far it is much cleaner and they are using it now.



1. Tim - June 29, 2009

I’m curious about why you are set on banding.

Tamara - June 29, 2009

Well, it will help me in picking those that I wish to keep. Also for keeping track of who is laying and who is not. Since toe punch will not be easy to see from a distance that will not work so well. Also when I am keeping records it will make things much easier to ID by band number. I.E. “green 3 laid 4 eggs this week but has shown no broodniess.” Stuff like this helps alot when breeding and who to choose to breed to who and why.

2. Tim - June 30, 2009

How do you know which hen is laying (banded or unbanded) if you don’t separate them? Oh, I get it, you do separate them and use the bands for record keeping so you know once they are no longer separated.

Still, doesn’t seem like you should worry about it at this age.

3. Tamara - June 30, 2009

You are right that laying is not important at this age. I was more interested to see how the two patterns developed with time. If one did better overall in weight and body shape, color and laying.

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