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It’s perch day June 14, 2009

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3 week old pullts

3 week old pullts

Today we shall cut a branch to put in the brooder for a perch.  Hubby has already cut down alot of trees that we need to remove so we have lots of choices.  One of the pullets actually made it to the top of the waterer.  Will not be long before  the open top of the brooder will have to be closed most of the time.  Both tops are extra card board that made the brooder and there is a good size gap that is not covered that I will have to screen to prevent escapes. 

24 chicks go thru water.  I never knew how much till I got the gallon waterer.  I filled it on friday and have to refill it today.  Food comsumption is increasing also to where I added another feeder after I had removed it ealier.  The biggy though is the DUST.  First 2 weeks I did not notice it.  Never saw any in brooder or outside.  This 3 week OMG.  I have owned birds before parakeets, finches, cockatiels and my last one a african grey.  But 24 chicks even puts my AG to shame when it comes to dust.  When I had him it never covered the whole room.  With chickes is does and as soon as you remove it, it is back.  I will not vacumm till they are moved to there coop next month unless I really need too.  Room is a bit crowded with 2 beds and dresser and brooder.  I hope when I do it doen not burn out my vacuum cleaner.



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