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Growing wild June 16, 2009

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higher is better.

higher is better.

Pic of the last female that I banded sitting on hubby shoulder.  I have removed these as I did not like them.  She is an interesting fearless chick.  She was all over the place and finally made it to his shoulder.  Unlike the other two I banded she took it all in stride.  I shall be keeping an eye on this one that is for sure.


The second pic is of the chicks perching on the branch we put it the other day.  It is only 3 inches or so off the ground but I think high enough for now.  Some of the chicks were perching on the feeders which is these 3.  My big fear now it will be a launching pad to fly out of the coop.  These chicks are doing alot of that right now.  Only a few are actually perching the others are sleeping next to the perch.   Later I plan to put a perch at the other end of the brooder.                                                                                                        



I have one chick that I have notice which I think will be the first to fly out of the brooder.  This one is making detremined tries to get up there.  Yesterday I watch as she did it over and over again till she finally gave up.  There is alot of flying going on from one side to the other.  I am starting to see pecking order battles start also.  Last night there were chases and beak to beak contests.  Today things are not as rowdy but boy they do grow up fast.

One thing I have been doing is identifing some of the wild plants growing at our place.  I know we have many natural herbs here and I would like to encourage them to grow where I want so I can harvest them for food as well as medicine.  I took a herbal course many years ago when I lived in FL.  I have started growing some of my own herbs for cooking like rosemare, sage, thyme and lavander.  What I have identify growing here is common plantian, queens annes lace, mullin and red clover.  I hope to be able to have a feed garden for the chickens that I can harvest and store for winter.

I am taking my time doing this as I am also doing the trees on our property.  In those I have found 2 different sumacs, 2 different elms, 2 different maples, at least one oak may 2, chesnuts, black walnut, hickory, locust and cedar.  These and a few more are all growing at are place.  The south eastern edge is a pine forest that have 20 or so trees in it.  Most of that is surround on two sides by japense honey suckel and or blackberry brambles.  Lots of good foraging area for chickens.



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