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4 and a half weeks June 19, 2009

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005Well, a bit has happened since last post.  Picture right is one of the two roosters and he is taking a dust bath here.  I got lucky in that the two rooster are one from each color pattern.  They are a bit different in size and temperment so far.  The rooster that I knew was one first is the better conformation chick and a bit smaller.  The other is not as well conformed in some ways but will be good for size should I need to increase it.  Which I know some of the pullets will need it.  Many of the pullets have cushions already and most of their feathers.  Feathers are still missing below and on necks but wings and backs are in on all the pullets.

24 chicks eat and at 4 weeks I had to buy another bag of 50lb chick starter.  I eneded up changing brands for when I could but it the feed store where I bought my first bag was closed for the day.  So I picked up a bag at TSC which I think at this stage is better for them for it is bigger crumbles than what I was feeding before.

I got a surprise today.  While watching the chicks and trying to decide which one to take out one of the pullets made the choice for me.  She flew right up and perch in front of my on the brooder.  This was not by chance she planned it for I watched her look at me and ran up then jump and fly up to land right smack in front of me.  So I picked her up and took her out to the living room with me for a bit.  Hubby’s first words when hearing that “it is time to close the top”.

When I put here back in I decied to also turn off the red heat lamp.  By my calculations they chould be at 75 which is the room temp that I keep the house at so at night now I shall keep it off.  Most were not sleeping under it anymore anyways so why have it on.  Sunset here is around 9pm so that is close to when I shall be turing it off.  Hopefully they will sleep thru the night now.  I wake up by 8 am so I shall be putting it back on then for them.  I do have  ceramic emitter that I use for my snakes so might replace the red light with that during the day as it is not as hot.

Chicks taking is changing also.  Last night while I was here on the computer I heard a pullet do the bawk bawk.  I have been hearing a bit of the trilling but neither roo has tried to crow really yet.  That will be fun when they do for our dog loves that sound, hubby has it as his morning alarm a rooster crowing.



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