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group shot June 20, 2009

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4 weeks old
4 weeks old

Here is a nice group shot with my pick male upfront.  You can just see the cushion on the one pullet standing sideways.  Color is really starting to come out in the neck area.

I have noticed a change in the smell of the room with the new food.  Now I remember why I did not want to buy TSC chick starter.  I remember that was a major complaint of those using it.  Oh well, it should only last a few weeks then I will change it back or find another brand.  Need to check out what the other local feed store has for chick starter.  I do not want to use Purina for to me it is unbalanced in that there is not meat protiens in it.  Since chickens are omnivours they do best on both plant and meat sources in there food.  It makes a big differnace in their color and quality of feather.
I will try to get a pic of the chicks playing king of the water fountain.  It is funny to see one fly up there and the other try to get them off.  Since it is a rounded top it does not take much.


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