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observation on feed. June 21, 2009

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pullet on top
pullet on top

Here is the picture of that one pullet I mentioned before.  She is persistent that is for sure.  Everytime I now open the brooder to feed which is a few times every day she get out.

Speaking of feed I will not be buying TSC feed again.  As I mentioned before  after two days of using it my brooder room smells and there poops have increases in size 4 fold.  Now this feed is more expensive than what I was feeding and it is bigger crumbles BUT I know from doing research and breeding dogs and cats this food is not all that good.  If out put increases that much in 2 days that means there is alot of filler in the food.  Which means it is passing threw and not being digested.  That means I buying something that the chicks are getting nothing from nutrition wise.
So even though I like the size and the protien level I do not like the waste amount for the money.  So I shall either go back to the feed I was feeding or I will look for another.  I would like to find a good game bird feed but so far no luck on the local level.  Game bird has a higher protien content which is better for the duel purpose breeds.   So I shall keep looking local to see what everyone has for turkey or game bird or waterfowl as all of these have the higher protien I want for my chickens.
I changed the bulb in the lamp from the red heater bulb to a regular light bulb.  It is amazing to see the chicks like that in all there colors.  I notice my one pick male has his beetle green feathers coming in his wings.  I am seeing some slight and I mean really slight variation in colors on the necks.   Some are a bit redder than other but that is it.  Other than that there is not much differance in the group of chicks.  The ofcourse is some size differance which I shall keep an eye on to see how that changes or does not.  As I said before feet will be my forst area to cull on.  For in the Rocks yellow for feet and legs is a must all other must go. 
Still waiting to see who crows first.  Hope I do not have to wait to long.


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