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5 weeks June 24, 2009

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5 weeks pullet

5 weeks pullet

Wow 5 weeks old today will I survive another 3 in the house.  Todays pictures are of one of the keeper pullets so far. Time will tell if she continues like she is and lays well.  Color on her is the norm for most of the pullets.  They are showing nice size and big breasts so far.  Most have all there feathers in and are now challanging each other.  I am having a hard time keeping two of the pullets in the brooder as I mentioned before.  Yesterday one flew out behind the brooder and was walking around the floor.  Never saw her when I put the other back in that was on top.  Luckily my dog let me know.  She just loves her chicks and needs to check on them evry couple of hours.


rocky at 5 weeks
rocky at 5 weeks

Second picture is of the other rooster that we are naming Rocky.  He is a little bigger than the other but also rough around the edges.  The other I still have not named and he is developing into a nice looking rooster.  Rocky was the first to stand on top of the water fountain but has not flown out of the brooder yet.  Rocky has some faults that I see like tail set which is way low and I think he will be darkers all over.  But should I need to increase size he will be good for that with some of the pullets.  I hope to have a name for my pick rooster soon.  I do have a thread on BYC in the stories section to gather names.

Two more weeks till we get the wood for the coop.  I can not wait they will be ready by then.   I just hope it is not too hot.  This is one of the concerns right now.  The area where the coop is going is in full sun most of the day.  When chicks are older I will not be worried about the heat as they have woods to forge in that are in deep shade.  But planning the coop to keep cool in the summer while staying warm in the winter is a challange.  Our temps here vary alot from season to season.  Summers are often in the mid 90’s and winter are in the low 30′ to high 20’s.  Biggest problem in winter is the wind it whips thru our little valley with so many trees not having leaves.  So tenative plans are for now to cut out wood windows holes put screening over them and keep the wood to replace in winter to seal them up again.  This will work till we get regular windows in later this year or next year.  Ofcourse the best laid plans always get changed so who knows what will happen when we come to that part.  Opps another just flew out of the brooder gotta to go.
I did a weigh in on my pick rooster and two pullets.  Roo weighed in at 1 lb 1 3/4 oz and one pullet weigh in at 14 oz the other 15 oz.


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