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6 weeks and trouble July 1, 2009

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6 week pullet

6 week pullet


Here they are at six weeks.  Finally got a better shot at Rocky the second roo that I named first.  As you can see from the pullet they have been nothing but trouble.  Always flying up out of brooder when I open it.  I am so glad I thought to make it so big knowing that it would be a bit to get coop done.  One more week till we can get everything for it.  Then up it goes fast as can be for there is no cutting just alot of measuring and leveling.

I did weigh the chicks today both of these you see.  The pullet weighed in at 1 lb 3/4oz.  Rocky weighed in at 1 lb 9 1/2 oz and I did captain again he weighed 1 lb 7 5/8 oz.  Seems pullets are winning the gain fastest award this week.
It will be interesting to see when I get off the TSC Dunmor starter in a couple of days how much they gain.  I have almost gone thru a 50lb bag and I bought it last week.  I could see going thru a bag in 2 weeks since last one was 4 weeks but one week.  Another reason this food is not that great.  Yes, I am seeing feathers all over the brooder also and believe as someone told me it is the feed.  I am now planning my own layer ration for winter since we have two local fed mills.  Three if you count the next town over.  I have been harvesting plants that I have grown and that are growing wild around our place.  Mostly tomatoes I did not plant in time, red clover and plantain.  Will be picking up grit this weekend along with more feed so I can give more plants without problems.  That makes hubby happy for if I harvest it he does not need to weedwack it.
Chicks now are much more fearless than they were before.  They do not run from me that much unless I move fast.  They are very use to my dog as she is always there looking in and even pushes them back in the brooder when they fly up to roost.  It seems it is a game now with that one pullet and her.  I have been watching her very close to make sure she does not get over excited with the chicks.  It is good thing she listens real well and has a softer temperment.  Her herding instinct is very noticable when she is around other animals be it the chicks, cats or cows.  She has been sky watching for a long time now and gets real upset when the big birds fly over head.  She will be good for hawk watch with the chickens.
All for now I wish everyone a very Happy and safe 4th of July.


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