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almost 9 weeks and still in house July 21, 2009

Posted by Tamara in Uncategorized.

Well, the past two weeks have been lots of fun. Rain and lots of it here at our place. We now have coop started inspite of rain and yellow jackets. Coop is 8x8x8 as that meant little cutting. I shall have pics up later this week.

I did switch back to my other feed instead of the TSC brand. What a differance that is making. TSC only lasted a week and this is lasting 2 weeks. Chicks seem to like it better also. I am now feeding lots of greens from outside and they are getting grit now also. We did not have a garden this year so what we are buying at the local farmers makert some of that gets feed also. Tops of radishes and beets and corn tops ect. Might buy some squashes next time for winter feeding since they are coming in now also. But for right now all work is on coop and getting it done and these chickens moved out, so they can do their job.

Temps here have been cool at night and in the mid 80s or lower during the day. This is perfect time to get them out to the coop since they will stay 2 weeks in it to train them to it. Then after that they are free ranging till winter. Right now I am needing a big waterer for them. They are going thru the gallon one in a day. So for outside I will need bigger as I expect them to drink more when out there. Still figuring that out as we have a few options on that like gravity fed or rain barrel ect. With all this rain water is not a problem just how to store it.



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