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coop and weather August 6, 2009

Posted by Tamara in Uncategorized.

We are trying to finish the coop but weather has been a major issue. It has rained everyday but today and not light storms either. Gotta love living in a micro climet. It will get done this weekend and inside primed. Floor I oiled to be water resistant. Bedding will be native mulch that we have had in piles here for the past 6 months.

Chickens are big now and really need out of box. Thank goodness I had hubby make it so big knowing that they would be in a long time. Right now we are going thru a bag every other week of feed. I am giving them greens from outside. Captain my pick roo will not be long for this world. He has a bum leg, it is not broken that I can feel but I think he has had it since the start and now it is a issue. Standing is now hard for him as well as walking. Unless the muscel corrects and strengthens he will be butchered shortly after moved to coop.

One thing of advice when building a coop if you use battery operated tools have at least 6 batteries charged. We are dealing with 2 and hubby is really upset for we go thru them fast with power saw. I have some starter pics but again weather is not allowing me to upload. I pray for a weekend with no rain. Please!!!!



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