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First day out of coop August 14, 2009

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Mid morning we ( hubby, our dog and I) went down to feed and water the chickens. Since today was a nice coolish morning in the 70’s we decided to leave the door open so they could explore the outdoors.

Half an hour later we were still waiting. No one was brave enough just leave the coop. Finally one of the pullets got pushed out by a sister. But she got back in no problem. Then another got pushed out and went back in. At this point hubby is putting a cememnt block under the door to act as a step and I suggest a ramp. We had some unsed board lying around from the building so one piece made a great ramp. That helped some as now they were comming out on the ramp.

I decided to bring the food out and put it at the end of the ramp. Nope did not work. So I moved it closer on the side of the ramp closer to the door. That worked some. Most we got out was 5 and there are 24 chickens. I went in to get us some water and hubby brought Captain out since he came to him. He had some time out and went back in then wanted out again so hubby got him.

At this time Rocky is still hanging in the copp in the far back corner with a bunch of his girls. So I grap pitchfork walk into coop and start shifting bedding. That got all out but 3 by the time I was done. 🙂 Those 3 came out after I went out but Rocky and the others came in. So it went with Captian and his girls out and in and Rocky staying in back of coop with some girls coming and going. So we went insde and left the door open. After we left only 3 were out and in for the next hour. We had to leave and it was getting to the heat of the day so we locked up the coop.

Evening feeding it was just my dog and I as hubby was sleeping. He works nights and since it was his day off he had been up past his normal time from coming home from work this morning. So here I am at the coop and I open it only to face all the chickens at the door for once. I put the ramp up and out comes Rocky with no problems. next 5 pullets then 5 more. Well, I am suprised to say the least. This time it was Captain that stay in and did not come out and did not want too either. The girls got so brave as to walk behind the coop and all the way around it. This was just 4 of them though. I had another 4 that went on the side of a weed patch on the north east side of the coop. We spent a nice 3 hours outside and everyone was happy. Just before 8pm they were all back in the coop but one gal because the cows were calling twilight. I got her in and locked them up for the night. Can not wait to open it tomorrow and let them out for the whole day as we are not going anywhere. I will have pictures also then as I did not bring camera with me this time.



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