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Rocky is now crowing. August 19, 2009

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This morning like yesterday I was up early. Yesterday I thought I heard a roo crow before I let them out for the day but was not sure. Today I know I did for I opened the window to hear it. Rocky and everyone is 14 weeks old today. I know it was Rocky for Captian is not showing alot of red in his comb or face compared to Rocky. I think Captians bad leg is keeping him down a bit but he is getting around good.

Anyway Rocky is crowing but only at sunup. He has not crowed any other time. Only the past two day have I been up that ealry most time I am up later. I would not have heard him in my bedroom for that is the other side of the house. Even when he did crow it was muffled without windows open. Maybe it will get louder and he will crow more. But from what I have been hearing from others who own Partridge Rocks they are morning only crowers. Time will tell if that holds true.

Rocky and gals

Rocky and gals



1. erman - September 30, 2009

Interesting. Crowing only three months and a half?

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