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Crowing update August 24, 2009

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Well, it seems that the stories I have heard about other partidge rocks is holding true. This morning hubby stayed up past dawn and we have windows open since it is so cool a night here. Hubby works night shift and get home around 4 am. He told me this afternoon when he woke up that he heard Rocky crowing for a half hour at sunrise then he stopped. Neither of us have heard him crow at any other time. I was talking with another PR rooster owner that says that is just like hers and she was wondering about it also. That makes about a dozen people that I have heard this from so far. None of these people are breeders but many have mixed flocks and have had other roosters before.

One thing I also know he is not very loud for I never heard it in our bedroom. That is the other end of the house but I can clearly hear when outside the rooster that is half a mile up the road from us when I am outside. So I would think I could hear ours since they are closer. I am thinking this is a good breed of rooster that need more quite one because of neighbors.

On Captain he is doing well and getting around really good. He is forging just as far as the others. He does have one pullet that seems to pick on him once in awhile but it is not too bad. Rocky on the other hand is picking on a couple of the pullets. So far I have seen him pull neck feather of 3 of them and shoo them out of the feed dish when he was eating. He is not being a good rooster that way and is even keeping his finds away from them. But on his good side he has not gone after any of us at all. He follows my hubby out to the far field and our dog also as well as me. So he has good and bad points to him just like any animal. We shall see if he changed with the pullets or us as he matures more.



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