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counting the day to first egg September 22, 2009

Posted by Tamara in Uncategorized.

Well, chicks will be 19 weeks on the 23. We are getting nest boxes which will be the large cat litter boxes this weekend. At this point we still have the 22 pullets and Captain the roo. He is not crowing that I know of nore is he servicing the pullets. I have seen one trying to get him too but I guess his bad leg just makes it to much for him.

Eighter way he has grown very well and looks great. He is getting around real well also. I will be AIing the hens I guess which is no biggy for me. Alot less hassel than doing it to dogs.

As soon as we start getting eggs that will be done. Right now many of the pullets faces are real red. We still do have as few that are not though. They are free ranging and coop is sometimes locked up and sometimes not and left open. We have had alot of rain here for the past couple of days. Last night I left coop open for they were not out much so I wanted them to get a early start on foraging this morning. When I locked them in they do not get out the next morning till after 9am. We are very lucky not to have coons or coyotes around. Do have the hawks and they have made visits but no one has been taken but the one other roo Rocky.

So hubby now wants to increase flock and add on to coop next year. because they do such a good job of mowing for him. šŸ™‚



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