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Captain update. September 30, 2009

Posted by Tamara in Uncategorized.

I forgot to mention that Captain has been crowing. I also have seen him starting to service the gals. Captains crowing was weak to start but has gotten stronger. Unlike Rocky Captain crows at least 2 times a day somethimes 3. Morning and afternoon and sometimes early evening. Never more than just a few though and it is not exstremly loud. We have a neibor up the road from us like half a mile that has a roo I can hear just fine. Captain who is behind the house I can not hear unless the windows are open.

I am hoping he can do his job and give us fertile eggs. I would love some baby captains as he is one nice rooster with good conformation. He has never attemped to attack us and I do not think he will due to his leg. Luckily his leg is not a gentic fault but a acciedent in the brooder box.

As of now I have 3 or 4 pullets with red combs and I am hearing egg song at least once a day. No eggs yet but soon. Many of them are squating when touched also. I know one or two are bugging Captain to death sometimes. That happened last night and he got tired of it and took care of things. LOL Pullet left him alone after that. I will have to pay close attion to who is is servicing so when I see eggs i can collect them from thos hens.



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