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Egg collecting with free range chickens October 13, 2009

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Well, it seems I was all wrong about that week of no eggs after getting our first. I kinda thought something was up but now I know. This morning around 10am I heard egg song and luckily I was at a window. Saw where the pullet came from so I went down there. This is close to the same area where I saw 2 pullets singing on saturday. Found a nest of 9 eggs so I ran back to the house told hubby who went out with me to get them.

Note to self buy a basket lugging egg catrons will get old fast.

Oh, when I found that nest I heard another pullet sound off behind me so I looked for her. After we got all the eggs from the one nest we went on the hunt for the other. It was in front of the house along our fence line in high weeds. 8 eggs there and we kept looking but have not so far found any other nests.

Hubby asked me how can we get them to all to lay in the coop. I said we will lock them up again for a most of the day. I plan to let out when he goes to work at 3:30pm EST. We then went out to buy another cat litter box so that they had two instead of one.

When we got back found another chicken in the box laying. I already got a large one from there this morning. Seems the ones laying in there are not making egg song that much. Well, waited for her to finish then I set up box. Since then I have heard egg song 3 more times. Twice at coop once in front of house.

Out of all those eggs we collected today one was a double yoker. Funny thing was I did not know it till I cracked it for our lunch which was western scrambled eggs. That is eggs with ham and cheese and onions and sweet pepper.

So now these bad girls get themselves locked up if they do not behave. We have too much land to cover and most has brambles. I am hoping that locking them up for most of tomorrow will work. If that does not work then it will be for a whole day to two days.

Guess it is time to thin the flock. I have been planning on doing a chicken this weekend for the dog as we need some meat for her. Might make it two since I have two I must get rid of since they have some bad faults for this breed. We shall see.



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