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The hawks are here. October 25, 2009

Posted by Tamara in Uncategorized.

Well, last afternoon while we were putting up andconnecting our new TV attena a hawk hit. Hubby was under the house and I was inside by front door. When he got out from under house he heard one of the chickens swaking. A hawk had her pinned to the ground and was plucking her feathers. Hubby yelled and he flew off. Chicken lost her tail feathers but is fine. It was a male coopers hawk which they are not as big as the females.

This was one of the medium size girls the smallest I banded to keep. She has been laying too. One of the reasons I got this breed of chickens the Plymouth Rock is becaise they are large breed. Now these are hatchery chichens but they are good size which helped alot. Next year the off spring should be bigger and closer to standard.

Captain has been doing his job. We so far have gotten up to 7 eggs in one day. Many have been fertile but some have not been which is fine. I am hoping his offspring next spring will have a good rooster or two to keep that will take care of them. We need a few more roosters here as the gals go off in groups of 4 to forage.

I shall have new pics soon of the flock and miss bare tail.



1. Marci - October 27, 2009

Do you have any information on what Rocks should weigh at what age to make weight when they are adults? Also how many are you keeping for breeding? I’ve heard you should only keep the top 10% to make real progress in a breeding program, what do you think of that? Looking forward to your pics.

Tamara - October 27, 2009

No I do not have any information on growth rate weight. One reason I am doing my own weighing is too keep a chart so I do. At this time the only 3 I am getting rid of are the major DQ to the standard.

Since this is a pattern on the Rocks I have to wait till first moult. They will not show true color or pattern till then. This is one reason why not many breed the pattern heritage chickens. Most have to be held past a year of age to see true color and pattern. After that I will do a hard cull but for now it is better with winter coming to leave as many as I can. More chickens in coop = warmer coop.

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