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Free ranging and eggs November 4, 2009

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Just have to love chickens that free range. Life is so interesting and one gets so many surprises. 2 days ago I knew something was up so I stayed outside with the chickens watching them. We have been getting 6 eggs a day in our nest boxes. One day we got seven so I knew I had another laying but where was she doing it now.

So I watched and sure enough caught her. I had wonder if the coop was to high in one area and if they could get under. Well, they were as i saw her come out. So down I went on wet cold ground to look and saw nothing at first. The I saw it an egg right in front of where I was looking. Guess my eyes needed to ajust. I kept looking but did not see anything else.

I stayed out there after I got that egg but still felt I was missing something under the coop. So I went back down made sure all my hair was out of my face and waited for eyes to adjust. Then looked real good and OMG there was a nest and a Big one.

I moved to the front of the coop and layed down and start getting them till I could not anymore. Then I went inside woke up hubby to help me. I counted what I pulled that was 15 total. He got the rest. The grand total was 24 eggs in that nest. Guess we need more nest boxes. LOL

Well, yesterday I stayed out there again to see who was going under. Well it turned out to be one I want to get rid off one way or another. So I shooed her back to the coop. It took her a bit to settle in the box but she finally did and layeed her egg. So yesterday total we got 10 eggs. Found one just laying in the yard. Lesson learned never assume anything when it comes to chickens. Both hubby and I thought they were to big to get under there but they proved us wrong.

Ok I promised pics I am going to take them now. BTW tailless is doing good and we think hawks have given up. Chickens just too big for them to handle. LOL




flock under stairs



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