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Flock update November 30, 2009

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Well, everyone is doing geat. Hawks have given up trying to take a chicken. I guess the hawks grew up as it was young males trying. Read a post on one of the sites about young hawks trying for chickens. Seems to be the case here at least.

Tailless is now getting her tail back and is laying steadly. We are getting between 7 to 10 eggs a day now. That is out of 22 pullets. I have put in another nest box which is the covered cat litter boxes. I was finding a egg on coop floor in the morning sometimes and eggs in the other 2 boxes. So we got another and they are using it.

Today it is raining and as of 1pm we already got 7 eggs. I am hoping that if someone is laying out in the woods todays rain will drive them into the coop to lay. We have alot of deadfall behind the coop so if they are laying out there it will be next to inpossible to find that nest.

I have banded more of the chickens hoping to make a list of who is laying and who is fertile. Right now I know of 2 that Captain has gotten with good. I do not have a incubator yet but that will be bought soon so I can hatch a few eggs to get another rooster. We could definitlly use another here since pullets range so far now.

Could thing is we do not have a back load of eggs as hubby is selling them at his job. Thanksgiving was alot better this year cooking wise using fresh egg. Can not wait till Xmas to make fresh eggnog. Yummy. Happy Holidays all.



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