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Chickens first snow December 7, 2009

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Well, we had snow 2 days ago. It was funny when I opened the coop for the chickens too go out. One started to come out then put on the brakes fast. Since I do not have a small poop door the big door was open. All the chickens were lined up looking out at all that strange white stuff. Sorry no pics I forgot to take camera with me.

Since food and water was outside they had to come out. Well, finally one brave pullet did then a few more, till all the girls were out. Captain stayed inside most of the day. We had to get more straw to put int the coop since it would be 20 that night. When we got back from picking it up we got Captain out of coop so he could eat and drink.

It snowed most of the day but did stop around 5pm. Our coop is 8x8x8 with a wood perch and wood floor. I have for bedding tree chips/mulch from company clearing power lines. On top of that is straw. Total depth is like 8 inches now. So far the past 2 nights which have been the coldest have not caused any problems. There is no light in coop or extra heat and it is Not insulated. I do have alot of chickens in there though 23 but since they only sleep in there it is fine. This is what is keeping temps up in the coop. When we added the extra straw we also put in the hanging waterer. It has not froze since it has been in there. So it is much warmer inside than out.

I have been feeding extra but still they rather forage than eat chicken feed. They have been spending alot of time in our woods since they are getting the most food there it seems. Which is all good from grass can not take there scratching right now.

One good thing about that snow we know how many are laying for sure. 11 right now. We just had another start this week. We have been getting 8 to 9 eggs a day with sometimes 10. Found a couple more under coop again, we still need to seal that off. Two days in a row our new layer has layed outside of coop. Once next to the house second time in front of compost pile. I think she was laying under the coop too. Well, hopefully today will break that as they are staying in coop till 10 am since it is so icy outside yet. Other than that everyone is doing great with there first snow and real cold weather. No frost bite at all. Next snow I will get pictures. We are expecting later this week maybe for more snow but who knows things change.



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