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Winter chickens December 14, 2009

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Thia weather is wacked and I am surprised the chickens are not sick from the changes. But they are doing great. Not frostbite at all that I can see. We have had a couple of nights down to the low teens. Yesterday it rained like crasy and it got warm then cold again. So far chickens take it in stride even staying out in that weather all day.

We still need to cut that smaller door for them. Weather just being friendly enough when hubby home. I have since put a trap on the side of the coop that they were going under to lay eggs. That has helped as we have since gotten 13 in one day. They are avg 10 now. It is a good thing too for I now have standing orders for eggs.

Last week I sold 8 dozen and I gave a way 3 to my neibors. Hubby has a buyer at work that is buy to 18doz cartons each week. At out local hang outI have 2 that are buying each time we bring them in. For this coming week I have 5 wanting eggs for xmas cooking. Lay chickens lay.

We bought a goose for our Xmas dinner. Because one I had never eaten one and hubby has not had one since years. He grew up on a family farm where they raised cows and pigs and a few geese. They also grew there own feed. Now hubby is talking about us getting geese here if I like our goose for xmas. Little does he know that I already checked into that long time ago. I just never went further with it for we did not have an area then for them. Guess we need to expand the coop in that area too beside for more chickens.

I want Pilgrim Greese. I did have a source for them but do not know if they still have them. This past few years here have been hard on many with a hard drought and loss of jobs. I will have to look into who has them local once again. I will also post the recipe for the goose when I find one I like. Not sure if we are going to do my mushroom stuffing or not with it. That depends if I find another that sounds more interesting.

Oh I forgot we had a interesting hawk day here last week. Big redtail came in and got chased off by our crows. Love those crows. Anyway a young coopers hawk I guess got scared and landed by one of our cars. They chickens were not that far away from it but were not scarred of it either as it was smaller than them. I went out thinking it was hurt only to find it was trying to avoid the crows. They chase it far away. Such good crows. We are buying feed for songbirds this week and putting up more feeders. We will not be chasing crows away this year.



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