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Where are the crows!!! December 29, 2009

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Today is a sad day. Hawk killed a chicken. Left it behind when we ran out so we are making it to dog food. Crows showed up real late this time. Right now everyone is in the coop but 3 pullets one being tailess. They are staying near the cedars where they have lots of protection. So we are now down to 21 pullets and Captain.

On a good note we are still getting eggs. I had to put another nest box in due to laying outside of them. That took care of that problem. We have 15 laying and are getting moslty 12 a day with some high and lower days.

Tailess is in moult. Her head is bare and she stopped laying. I expect to to go broody in spring. I know Captain has not mated with her as she is more attached to me as top. Good thing is he has his favs he does mate with and I know which ones they are as they have bands on. He has chosen the bigger girls which is good. He is a good size rooster with very good conformation. I look forward to seeing his offspring.

Well, I am back out to see if I can get the last 3 back in to the coop.



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