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Cooped up Captain January 6, 2010

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Captain our only cockeral is playing it smart and staying in the coop all day. I have started leaving the water in there during the day now and remove it a lock up. that way they do not spill it like they were before and I do not have to kick Captain out of the coop so he can drink. I am leaving the food in there over night though.

Todays egg count was 14 total. Hubby took in another 3 dozen to sell to a standing cllient we have at his work. Someone commented that we are lucky to be getting so many eggs and what are we doing to get it. First off these are first years so that helps. Second there feed is 20% protien and I am giving very little scratch plus the have total free range abilty. Most mornings what they do is drink eat a little feed then go off and forage. We are lucky to still have green plants here not just everygreens either. Some grass is still green and some honeysuckle vine and many native herbs. So chickens are getting a good varity and it is showing.

Tommorrow we are to get 3 inches of snow or at least that is what they are calling for here. I will believe it when I see it. Stay warm all.



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