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More snow than before January 8, 2010

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Well, so far total we have had 2 inches of fresh snow here. Chickens are not at all happy today. Since most everything is covered with snow they are not really foraging today. Some are out of the coop but the are staying up against the house which is 100 feet from the coop. I have spread out some feed for them which they are eating.

Sun is out now so I expect snow to disapear soon. That is if sun stays out. We are still very cloudy here. I am feeding wild birds too and the front yard feeder is very busy. Chickens have gotten some of that feed I throw it out back for the on the ground where I put scratch. Everytime I need to get rid of food scraps it goes out back door. Chickens hang out under back porch since it is a nice shelter. our back door is 10 feet in air due to slope of property there. Front door in almost on ground level so you can see we do have alot of slope.

Chickens coop is 100 feet down in our valley from the house. Shortly after coop it starts to rise to our hard wood forest. We have 4.6 acres here and no real close neibors. Which is very nice when ones is free ranging chickens.

I have gotten alot of questions about frostbite and snow. All I can say is that most frostbite that I know that happens comes from coop with too much moisture. A dry well vented coop is the way to go. One must remember wild birds turkeys,chickens ,quail ,grouse and songbirds are out in all types of weather. Right now as I sit here I can see the feeder for the wildbirds and they are in the snow as well as the feeder. They have no problems with it why should our chickens we raise for eggs and meat. I will not say that chickens are not cold but they seem to be handing it just fine. The coop pop door is open so they can come and go as they please. Some are staying in and some are staying out. But none have frostbite which is the point that dry coop well vented helps prevent frostbite.

Once the snow melts some I will be turning the bedding. I did some fluffing yesterday but need to do more. Since some chickens are not coming out I shall wait till weather invites them out. Which will be tomorrow. Next week we will be back in the 40’s it will feel like a heat wave. Last year it was like this and when Feb came around we had a very early spring here. Strange weather being so much earlier than it used to be. Well, I am off to collect some more eggs. Stay warm all.



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