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Heat wave comming. January 11, 2010

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Weather report for today 32 for a high. It is that now here for us so I suspect we might get a little higher. In the next couple of days we will see a high of 50 here. I can not wait no more of these low teens durning the day and 5 degrees at night temps. Wonderif we will have a repeat of last year with a real warm Feb.

Saturday we bought themometers one for the house and one for the coop. The house one does inside and outside it is digital with the leader that goes out threw the window. We have that one close to front door. Here is what we did not know local humidity here is 26 percent right now. That is way low.

Now the coop one is not that fancy just a plain old plastic unit that gives temp and humidity. According to that one coop humidity is around 68 percent. Temps in there are just a few degrees over outside temps. Now can you imagine if my coop that is very well ventalated and open up top was not how high would that humidity be. Most coop are not as open as mine is people just put in windows and made them draft free. Which in most cases is sealed up tight so mosisture build up more. Heck right now my coop is way more humid than even my house is right now. Yet we still have no frostbite at all and we still have snow of the ground. Yes, girls are out in it everyday.

On another note tailless has grown back most of her head and neck feathers. But not all of here tail as of yet. We are still getting between 11 to 14 eggs a day. Even with the dang hawks flying over head. Thank goodness for our local crows. They have been a big help this year.



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