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The robins are here. February 22, 2010

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Couple of days ago hubby and I spotted a flock of robins next to the road in a field. So glad to see them as this has been one long and hard winter. I really thought it would never end.

But the chickens came threw like champs. Laying a solid dozen all winter for us. Least we have had is 9 this past 2 months. Now we are up to 16. I expect a few to go into moult that have not yet.

Egg size has changed alot in the past 2 month too. We were getting just med and large. Now we are getting up to jumbo from one hen and a few xlarge and many close to xlarge. The jumbo really suprised us as we were sure it would have been a double yoker. But no it was a true jumbo no double yoke. When temps warm up even more I will find out who is laying that jewel and make sure she is bred.

So far they are all doing great, no one got any frost bite this year. No more losses to hawks either. Our local crows have realing been protrolling the place. I hope to have new pics soon. We have not seen sun until two days ago, after almost 2 months of no sun due to weather.



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