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Sring and broody March 14, 2010

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Well, Spring looks like it has finally come. Temps have warmed up and bugs are out. Many of our plants are coming up now too. It is great to see sun again after almost 3 months of clouds.

Chickens are showing the effects to of the change in seasons. We have a few more laying. So count is up once again on eggs. One has started laying outside of the coop but at least it is in a place I can get too.

Yes, we have our first broody. She is not sitting on eggs yet as none are fertile yet. Captain is having more problems with his leg. He is trying though but leg just hampers him. So I will have to AI the hens with him. This should be interesting to say the least. I have AIed dogs when I used to breed them but a chicken is a whole nother matter. There is a video on it on You Tube. I have watched it so it will just be a matter of getting it done now. Hopefully the rains hold off for most of the next few days enough for me to get most of the hens done. Right now I am wondering how many will go broody this spring. As these color variation is well known for broodiness. It was once reason I picked Partridge Rocks as my chicken to raise. I shall be updating as things progress here on this broody.



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