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chicks ordered April 6, 2010

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Yes, that is right as of today we have chicks coming again. Hubby and I did some run around and stopped in our local feed store where I got my last batch. Order was going in tomorrow so I place mine for 5 but hubby said to get 10. Gotta love a hubby like that. 🙂

TSC is having there chick days but they are only carrying a few breeds and non I want. Ours is carrying BO, production reds and barred rocks. The rocks were a temptation but it is easier just dealing with the one color for now. Funny thing was this year they practical have the chicks hidden as they are all the way in the back. Rabbits are up front this year. Everything use to be in the middle.

Anyway plan is for now to use the broody. I plan on putting chicks under her at night since she is on eggs. Eggs are not fertile but she doesnt know that. I will just put a few to start in case things go wrong and she attacks them in the morning. I have read others doing this with no problems. If it works she will get the rest over a few days. Note to self need more hay for that box. It is rather low in there so if I raise it for chicks should be able to come and go out of it. Right now the would have a big jump for those tiny legs. Tomorrow I will know when they arrive. Fuzzy butt pics when they get here.



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