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Boy do we have broodies. April 19, 2010

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Well, i knew this breed Partridge Rock was known for being broody. It is one reason I bought them. So now on top of the 1 we already have we now have 3 more. That means all the nest boxes are full.

Good news is I got a date of new chicks. They will be arriving May 10. Wish it was sooner but that is OK. We are going to have to either expand the coop or get rid of some chickens. Right now our freezer is full so I guess I will have to sell some if we do not expand the coop. Luck has it I have 5 for sure I want gone before we have new roosters in to breed. I am sure I will have more with new chicks comming in also.

Hubby and I both are hoping that the straight run is at least a 50 split. I need at least 3 roosters here since these gals range so well. So when we have those picked out Captain will be leaving us as he cant defend against others. He does not even like being out of coop now so much. Ofcourse that could be because of the broodies.

Things have mostly all greened up here. Dogwoods and redbuds are in bloom still. Not sure hostas will make it. Seems I have a few hens that like thier tops. Grrr Need to fence them off asap. Ticks are out too found one on dog last night. Hopefully chickens will make short work of any that survived winter. Well, I am off to collect eggs. Next post will be when chicks arrive with pictures.



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