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weather wet and hot May 3, 2010

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Well, last night and early this morning we had hard rains here. I know many places in TN got floods. We are lucky to live high and dry. Yesterday temps here at the house hit 90’s with low humidty.

Chickens took it all in stride. Even the broodies are doing fine. We have been removing eggs daily but they still sit tight. 7 more days till new chicks arrive. Can not be soon enough.

With the heat most of them are foraging in our woods. As I sit here typing this I have a few out front. They have been ranging well with no new hawk attacks. I did loose my hostas to them since I did not fence them in before they started to bud up. My bad lessoned learned.

Mower broke this past weekend but luckily chickens have kept around the nouse short. Our east field is long so when chickens are over there we can barly see them. I will be taking pics today and getting them up. Provided it does not rain again by that time. Egglaying has dropped back more but with 4 broodies and another one or two in moult I am not surprised. Since they are eating more grass there protien in down too so that is another reason.

Size wise these girls are large. Very broad in back on some of them, other have more the layer body and they will be weeded out when new chicks grow up. But for now hubby wants to keep them all.

Ticks so for have been real low. I found 2 on the dog so far. Which is saying alot for she ranges far and wide here covering 40 acres. Neibors place is all feilds and she has our woods too to run in. Ofcourse this past winter might have some to do with it as it was colder longer. But I know chickens are helping too. Bugs around the place are a bit lower so far this year. It fun to see chickens chasing after moths and such.

With all the rain and snow we got worms are close to the surface. Everytime I move the waterer there is a bunch right under it. So chickens were out this morning eating all those that were trying not to drown from late night heavy rains. They look very full today. Well, I shall get back out there and get picks for you all.



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