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Chicks are here May 12, 2010

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Well, we picked up chicks on Monday. We got to pick how many of each we wanted due to lady ordering just pullets and roos. So we got 4 roosters and 6 pullets. They are still in the house as I want a little more size on them before taking them outside to broodies. I have toe punch them so when grown I can tell these from the older ones.

As of now we are back up to 4 broodies and working on 5. Plus we have 3 in molt so we only have 12 laying at this time. Hubby is impaiten now for new roosters to grow up so we can get more chickens.

Right now we are making plans to expand coop adding at least another 4ft to it. That will make it 12 x 8. We will be adding new perch next weekend and this past one we added alot of straw to nest boxes as well as coop getting ready for chicks to be put in. It will make it easier for the chicks to get out of nest boxes and coop now.

This past weekend we went up North to pick up MIL. Hubby wants to butcher one of the chickens for a meal next week. Luckily I have enough to get rid of that I do not want in my breeding program. It will be interesting to see what home grown chicken taste like. Just need to buy a big bucket to scald in and what I need to pluck them with so we do not skin like we did for the dog.

As of today also I am a member of the ALBC. Since I have no plans for showing but am breeding according to the Standard of Perfection this was the best Org to join for my plans. Should see packet by friday or Monday.

Pics soon of new chicks.



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