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Moms and chicks May 26, 2010

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Well, chciks have grown alot since I last posted. Bad news is we did lose 2 on the same day. They got stepped on right at the pop door. But that is all we have lost.

Mom have them out every morning foraging. It is so funny to see a chick grab a big bug and try to keep it away from all the others. I am trying to get new pics but moms keep them in think brush so it is hard to catch them for a shot.

On other notes we still have one broody in nest box and I think we have another in the woods. I found that one this morning making noise in the brambles that are real think. It will take some cutting to get to her. Temps here are in mid 80’s so any eggs she is on will be fed back to the chickens. Right now we have more laying outside of coop than inside. But we still have many in moult too. Right now egg collection is around 8. But I now know of 2 outside nests so I hope to change that number. At least we still have enough eggs for our steady clients plus to feed us.

We bought wood this last weekend to expand the coop. That came about due too the chicks dying. Hubby realized we needed it bigger to keep moms seprates first week or two.

Moms raising chicks is so much more fun than having them in the house. No clean up but lots of great watching them be chicks.



1. Evelyn Kessinger - May 26, 2010

Could you tell me if chickens can/should eat fresh rhubarb? I give them all kinds of scraps from cooking–apple peels, potato and carrot peels, etc. I just made a pie with strawberries and rhubarb. I have never done anything with rhubarb, so I don’t know if it would affect them in a bad way. Thanks for any info!

2. Tamara - May 27, 2010

Hello Evelyn, I can not say if eating fresh rhubarb is good or not, since I have not eaten it myself. I would say it is safe in small amounts. Moderation being the key to feeding any food they do not get in regular chicken feed or foraging. It will be up to them if they like it or not. Let us know if they do. Thanks for reading.

3. Marci - July 22, 2010

Tamara, how are the broody raised chicks doing now? I have a broody Buff Rock penned off in the main coop with a new hatch of mixed breeds. I’m trying to decide when or if it would be safe to let them out with the other hens. I don’t want them to get smashed or run over by the other girls.

4. Tamara - July 22, 2010

Marci catch my new post. It should answer your questions.

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