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dog and eggs May 27, 2010

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Interesting story that blew our minds about our dog.

As those that have followed our blog know we have a friendly chicken dog. Her name in Noel and she is 27 inches tall shep/collie mix that we got at the pound as a 10 week old. She is out with the chickens everyday most all morning from 8am till noon. I do not have to watch her as I trained her to be carefull around them.

Anyway, everyday around 2:30pm hubby asks her if she wants to go collect eggs. Out the door they go, her to run the property him to the coop.

Yesterday after hubby left for work I went out about 6pm. After putting feed out for chicks I was walking around and found a egg next to our old burn barrel. Noel happen to see me get it and wanted it but I threw it down to the chickens to eat since I did not know how fresh it was being outside. I then sat down to watch them. Noel after having lost that egg decied to get her own. She walked off to the brush stuck her head in and came out with an egg. I had no idea there was a nest there. I got up and look and it was a nest of 10 eggs. I remove 5 fed them back to the chickens and 1 more to Noel. I left 4 in the nest for them to lay more.

So it is now today, I told hubby the story early this morning. He now wants to go collect eggs and look for nests. We take Noel out with the phrase “Go Collect Eggs”. Off the 3 of us go. Hubby checks a old nest under vine grown chicken wire and I look at the nest Noel showed me last night. That had an egg missing hmmm wonder why. LOL She must of had breakfast.

Anyway, I notice her checking out another area tell hubby he checks and Yep there is an egg. While trying to uncover that one he stepped on it, oh well. So Noel shows him where another is right next door. Ok this is NOT a fluke at this stage. After we got that egg we went to other side of coop in the area where I know some layed this morning. She took us right to the nest. Then she was off to find another egg that was laid alone and then the final one for the day.

Needless to say hubby and I are blown away. I mean I have seen truffel hunting pigs, I trained drug dog and search and rescue dogs but this is a first. One thing we did not train her for this execept by the words “go collect eggs”. I have to say she is full of suprises for us. Early this week she treed a groundhog that hubby shot. She was inside asleep when she came runing out to living room growling and barking. I told hubby to let her out for she knew something was out there. Off she went down fence line out front and up went groundhog since it was too far from it hole. Yes, she was well rewarded that day. Somewhere futher back I have pics of her out with the chickens. She is 3 years old and gun shy to boot. Which I am glad of since many shoot around here. Tends to keep her close to home. But what a great farm dog.



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