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Predator June 8, 2010

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Well, it has finally happen. We have a major predator. It is a grey fox. So far we are now down to 14 hens and 7 chicks. It has been taking at least one a day.

I was lucky enough to be outside 2 days ago and saw it go after the moms and chicks. Noel was inside since it has been so hot here. She goes out in the morning till noon. Then again after 3pm till about 5. I saw it at noon for we were going out and I wanted to see where the moms were at.

Plans are to make a huge chicken yard now. We are getting a new mower this weekend. So that will take care of alot of under growth. That is a major problem this year since our old mower just can’t handle slope of property well.

I have stopped feeding outside the coop. In hopes chickens will stay close to coop, but that is not working. Chickens are very alert now, spooking at everything. I am also keeping Captain in coop till late afternoon when I go out.

Of the chicks left we have at least 2 roosters. Which is good since we need them so bad. We still have our determined broody too. She has been broody now for 3 months. Once we have yard fenced in I will be going after some eggs for her to hatch.

Good news for now Tailless is still with us. Also my pick hen 56, who has the best body and pattern. 55 who I thought was taking a long moult is not. She has been laying but is the underdog and all other chickens pick on her bad. So she is bald and has many feathers sticking out. I think now she will be less picked on and should feather in again.

We have a total of 10 hens laying out of the 14 left. We are now getting about 5 to 7 eggs a day. Luckily our customers are not every week but 1. He gets two 18 packs. The other are every other week. So we are OK for now there as long as we do not loose to many more hens. Pray that we do not. I am trying to stay outside more often. I will also be setting of firecrackers to make enough noise to scare off fox. My gun is loaded but again too much ungrowth to really see anything. Lets hope for the for the best.



1. wingclipped - June 8, 2010

Foxes are a nightmare – we had to spend huge amounts of money to fox-proof our enclosure after losing an entire brood. I wish you luck with it.

2. Tamara - June 9, 2010

Thanks we will need it. I have locked up chickens in coop hoping that will make him move on. Since we lost another, there is enough room to keep them locked up for a few days.

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