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Predator update June 10, 2010

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Well, so far so good. I have chickens locked up for most of the day. We have one living outside the coop. She showed up yesterday hubby caught her and put her in the coop. I opened of the coop about 7pm last night. Chickens all went to bed at 8:30pm but she did not come back with the rest. Today we were chasing her till we gave up. It has been raining for the past 2 days and looks like it will rest of the week.

BTW I forgot to mention we had a black rat in the coop last week. Funny thing is it was my black rat that I had let loose 2 years ago. I got him at our old place. He showed up late fall as a baby so I kept him to feed him up to releash him here. Since I have my own pet snakes it was no problem to feed him till he was bigger. Hubby saw him in shed a month ago way behind coop up on our mountian. So I was not surprised to see him in coop. I put him back where I let him ago 2 years ago.

This weekend we are buying horse no climb fencing since we want goats too. We plasn on running electric on top and half way down to discourge fox climbing. Of course dog will be with chickens all day then since she will not be able to come to the house. We are fence off alot of area about quarter acre. I am just hoping chickens stay in fence area for now. They will have lots of shelter and food in areas they are used to being in already. I know they can and will fly out but dog can not so maybe that will help keep fox away. Only time will tell.



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