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Predator update part 2 June 16, 2010

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Good news fox moved on. I had to lock up chickens 2 days letting them out for 2 hours before sunset. On second night hubby on the way home thinks he saw him a mile and half down main road crossing. We have lost no more chickens and they are back to the normal routine. Total count of loss 6 hens 1 chick. We lost 4 chicks to hens in coop by them landing on them at the door. So total count now is 14 hens and 5 chicks that have survived. Good news is we still have 3 roosters.

We have the one hen living outside of the coop in front of the house somewhere. It is so covered with brambles near that front fence you can not see anything. This area is nothing but cedar trees and brambles which the chickens will love eating the fruit on. They are ripping now. I am not overly worried about her since she has been there for the whole fox episode. We will flush her out next week end when hubby starts weed wacking that area.

Our black snake was back yesterday. Caught him with head in nest box he ate and egg. I took him out and had hens following me when I let him go. When he shows up next time I will be taking him to other property at the east side. That should confuse him enough he will not make it back to coop.

Chicks are big and moms are training them right. It is so fun to watch them get bugs then try to play keep away so they can eat them. With they way they are eating there will not be a live bug left in another month. They are only a month old and I see a major differance in there size and feathering then the bunch I had inside. The males are very different in there front patterens and comb size but body looks about the same. I will get pics later this week.



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