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Broody chicks update July 22, 2010

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Sorry I have not posted of late. Things here are a bit crasy since hubby is in training for CDL’s. I will charge camera today so i can take pics too.

Anyway, we lost one male chicks. The smallest to a hawk a couple of weeks ago. The other two are doing great as well as the 2 females. I can not believe they are only 2 months old, they are so big. I would say these chicks raised by moms free range are much larger than last years one at this time I raised. Right now they are hald the size of the largest of them. Sometimes I look at one of the new girls and I think it is tailless since she is so small.

The 2 roos are real looking good. Almost like Rock and Captain in body size. I think both of these are more like Captain in body type than Rocky. He was leaner not as wide across the back. These 2 are wide and tall. Once has a higher tail set than the other. Right now I have named them Alpha and Beta. These 2 have always hang out together. Done alot of chest bumping ect. Right now they are ranging with a couple of hens and the pullets. Sometimes together sometimes not.

We are lucky that we have not lost anymore. Most of these 10 that I bought I lost in coop. That was due to hens landing on them at door. Even with coop open before they were out of coop we had this problem. Moms kept chicks inside coop for about 2 weeks. I had it open so hens could come in and lay. We lost our first two the start of the second week. I noticed it when I open the coop for the day and did a chick head count. Found the bodies right at the door.

I will be adding a broody section to the coop. I know I mention doing it before along with a fence. We never got around to do it. Now I am not sure hubby will be able too because of CDl training. But after he hits the road I can hire someone to do it for me. I want another 8 feet added. 4 to each side so flock as more perch space and broodies have their own side.

Oh speaking of broodies. Our impossible to break broody is still going. I think this make like 6 months now. This is with snakes in coop eating eggs. Heat over 100 and cold wet nights. She will just not stop being broody. I know I should get eggs under her but right now I am leaving her alone. She is not in bad shape at all. She has kept at least one of my wood eggs from being eaten by a snake. We killed one snake that ate a wood egg but now another has done it. Do not know where it is but it will not live. So I wait till baby roosters mature to do their job and she will get eggs to sit on. Only 2 more months I hope they make it.

Our mower is in shop so everything is over grown that did not get cut last time. This is providing lots of cover for chicks. The one that got taken by hawk was always off be itself. It was also much smaller than the other 2. Those two have learned to keep close to house. They stay around are AC unit that has a large thistle growing near it. Not too mention brambles. So they are well protected there. This is right next to our back pourch where I toss food from. Of late all these want to do is eat feed instead of range. Problem is I think they already ate most of the bugs. I have not seen any grasshoppers or crickets this year unless it was in chickens beak. They are eating the blackberries that they can reach and soon the pokeberries will be ripe too. Things are ripening early this year very early. Well, I am off to shuck some corn cobs for them. We did not eat it fast enough so it got a bit dried out. Lucky chickens getting sweet corn this year.



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