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Chicks, feed and heat July 29, 2010

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Well, I spent most of yesterday looking for another feed store since ours has closed. My second choice went out of business too due to the economy. So since I will NOT buy Purnina feeds i am now driving 30 mins to buy ADM in another county. Out of all the feed companies they are the only one that has an outlet close to us. Everyone else is out of state or way west in the state. So i have put the word out for those local that want to buy something other than Purnina to contact me since I am making the run and they are special ordering my feed.

I tell you what this heat is a killer. I am lucky hubby has not mowed for it is helping the chickens alot. Ofcourse I am not able to get pictures due to that but oh well. Finally got some more rain yesterday looks like more today. We need it bad. Now if the temps would drop back down to 80’s we would all be happy.

Good note we have not lost anymore chicks. The 2 baby roos are growing like weeds. They are almost as tall as Captain now and are as tall as the hens. Just not as wide yet. They are now sleeping on the perch but are still getting pushed around by older hens. In another month and a half that will change and those nasty hens will get there due. They have had it way to easy with Captain. Can’t wait to see the rucus this will cause when they mature. Yep, I have a pay back streak in me. Payback for this baby rooster will be sweat indeed.



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