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update finally. August 24, 2010

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Sorry this took so long. Not much has happened and yet alot has changed. No pictures yet due to mower Still in the shop. Old John Dear and back ends are hard to take apart. So the tansy is now 6 feet high with 1/4 inch stems. Great cover for chickens but we will need a bushhog to cut it all down until winter kill off.

Ok, on the chickens side we lost Captain and a few more hens. My bad, night raid and I left coop open. Actually Captain was not killed in night raide. He was killed many days later. Since night raid I was having problems with him getting in the coop. We got home late and it was raining so did not check to see if he was in. Found him next day. Seems he had one of the 2 new cockerals trained to sleep in a tree. This was Beta and we put a stop to it by locking everyone up for 2 days straight. The hens we lost were ones in molt that were sleeping on floor of coop. Two I was planning on culling anyways for temperment and feather problems so no loss there. So we are now down to a total of 15 including new ones.

On a good note all my want to keeps are still with us. Also Alpha is now mating. Caught him last night in a sneak attack on one of the gals before heading into the coop. It was funny for when it happened all the girls came running over to see what was going on. They will get thiers too now that he has started. He has yet to crow yet but that is OK.

Out of the 2 Alpha is the biggest and most correct of the cockerals. We still have our one broody that has been broody forever. We also have another that just started. So I am all set that way when the eggs are fertile. Now if we can just add on the other 4 feet to coop to be the broody section. If hubby does not get to it before he hits the road, I will have to hire someone to do it. Hubby changing postions at work from dock worker to driver. So he will be home 3 days a week and we will have money now to pay off house and get things done. On another good note heat has broken a bit. Which is a good thing. Last I heard we had like 54 days of heat. Chickens were not foraging that much at all. Now they are again. I will get pictures ASAP. Hopefully we will have fertile eggs soon to have for broodies.



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