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correction and what is happening now September 10, 2010

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I have to make an apology to all of you. I have given some bad infomation on my long broody. She has broken from being a broody. Not sure when but I know it has been over a month. She has a leg band and i did not bother to check after I found out she was broody if she was still the one being broody. Turns out she had stopped and another took her place. Problem when one has chickens that look so close alike. I have had one or two broody all year. When one breaks another is replaceing them. Right now I belive the mother of the chicks is now back to being a broody. She is not banned but I do a few that are not yet.

At this time we are at a total of 14 chickens. That is including the new babies. Of those I have my ones that I wanted to breed still with us. As of now I have 3 in molt and 5 taking a laying break. I am collecting 3 eggs a day but I am not sure if there is a nest outside of coop or not. Weeds are just to out of control here. Next week that might not be a problem any more as hubby wants to rent a bush hog.

I am now really counting the days till I can start saving eggs to put under our broody. Now that temps have dropped down to low 80’s and Alpha is doing his thing it should be soon. I have one batch of eggs left to sell and then I start cracking and watching who is fertile to put some in nest. I will be keeping this more updated and will be getting new pictures in soon of the flock.



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