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My fault September 13, 2010

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Well, we lost another hen this weekend. It was my fault for being lasy. We were out late did not get back till after 1am. I looked at the coop from back pourch saw all was OK and went to bed. In the morning the ramp was down so I knew we got hit. Whatever it was killed a hen ate the eggs and my last wood egg. Found the hen looks like a fox got her. She was one sleeping in the nest box. The broody got out of hers in time it seems for she is fine. She must of made it to the perch. Only those that stay on the floor of the coop get taken.

We have had one big hawk stop by every day for the past 3 days. Yesterday we were cleaning out the coop and the nest boxes when he flew over. He kept flying over fo a good 10 mins before he left. I think he is in area right now for crows are here. Chieckens are still locked up will be letting them out around noon. Doing that hoping that eggs are laid in boxes and not outside.

We are getting 2 eggs right now that I know of. One is fertlie so I will be collecting soon to gather for a hatching. Caught beta taking care of business yeterday. So both of them are servicing the hens. Unfortunaly we have the 3 in moult one that is broody and the other about to go into moult. So out of the 12 total 4 are the new ones 3 are in moult 1 is broody and another is going into moult. So that leaves just the 2 laying. Not used to having so few hens now. Coop looks empty and so does the yard when they are outside.

Oh, we went to the farmers market at the apple orchard this weekend. We bought 2 huge long pumkins for $3 each. These thing must weigh 25 or more pounds. Bought one a couple of weeks before even bigger for same price. Will go back this weekend for more. This will make great feed for the chickens this winter. Yesterday we ate the last of our corn on the cob. They got the cobs and any dried out ends and a few full cobs. Also friend gave my some tomatoes that were not good enough to eat. Nice big ones that I fed to the chickens. The loved them and went to sleep afterwards. Never heard a peep out of them nor saw them for the next couple of hours. Guess they were full and content. Today they will get watermelon rinds and old popcorn. I just love this time of year. lots of good food for us and the animals.



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