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The wonders of fall. September 29, 2010

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For the past couple of days I have had windows open and have been outside sitting and watching my chickens. Hot weather finally broke and we will not have temps over 73 for the next week. Night temps are low in the high 40’s like last night it was 48.

Luckily we had already cleaned alot alot of the coop and put in a bale of straw. I should say the chickens spread it for I did not take it apart but just put it in a corner. They took it apart and spread it for me. I had planned on cleaning more of the coop out but oh well they are having fun with the straw.

The chickens are so busy this time of the year. Our 4 new ones the babies are now 5 months old. They are so big it is not funny. The two cockerals Alpha and Beta are even starting to show spur growth. That is 6 months before Captain did. I expect to see some change in them soon too. Beta I know is breeding as much as he can for I have seen him many times at it. Alpha does not do it in front of me at all. I notice he lets beta lead too before entering woods or weeds. But yet he will not let Beta beat him in a dominace match. It will be interesting to see what happens after next month and they really start to mature.

One thing I have notice and even hubby notice is that Beta is production stock. His comb is larger and his stance upright and body smaller than Alphas. Alpha is more heritage correct stock in that he closer to the Standard of Perfection for the breed. I have a picture of him below. Hubby says Beta goes after we getting a hatching or two.

That hatching will be a bit as everyone is either in moult or coming out of moult but for the two pullets. Our two new pullets are real nice large girls. They have good potiental in them for breeding. Real nice yellow legs and skin, small combs good pattern and body shape. Picture of one of them is below also. They are now where near laying even though they are 20 weeks old. They seem to be that good heritage stock which is slow growing and maturing. Can’t wait to see what they hatch out for us.

Ofcourse first we will have to add the breeding section to the coop. That is going on the west side. Since hubby will be on the road I will hire someone to do that for me. We have enough around here that will some even certified handymen. I have joined the Plymouth Rock club also and plan on joining the APA also.

The Rock club as a great newsletter and a good club forum that is part of Showbirdbid.proboards. I will put a link up in my link section. They have many chicken breed clubs that have forums with them. Another thing in the owrks when money is avaible is to buy the poultry software Zooeasy to keep trake of records on breeding and raising. You can find that under its name Zooeasy. It cost about $79 and has a free download to check it out. With all it carries it is well worth the cost for most like it go over a hundred dollars.

Oh, I am planning on growing some live food for winter. Mealworms most likly since they are so easy. Also plan on mixing my own feed after this year. What I am buying now is ADM egg balancer which runs $13 for 50lbs. Not bad and chickens are doing good on it but I would like to make something better for winter next year. Spring and summer they have more than enough to forage for fall we have all the veggies and grasshoppers but winter they have greens only no live food and I feed scratch then to keep some weight up for winter. Winter I like to fatten them a bit so it is alot easier for them since coop is not heated.

Last year went real well so I shall follow same plan. Deep bedding about 8 inches, purina chickens block in coop and scratch extra with more layer. Last year we had no problem with frostbite or sick chickens. They went out no matter what the weather. I just hope this winter is not as bad as last. Exspecially with hubby on the road.

Here are the 2 pictures I have more coming also that I took.





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