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Eggs eggs and more eggs January 28, 2011

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Yes, we are getting eggs. Many more than we were. Weathwer is warming up again but it is windy. Chickens are out every day till sunset. We are still getting some snow but it is not staying. Lots of rain though. Today’s temps were high of 47.

Renne I have no idea on the GMO free corn no where around here sells it Only thing I know is to buy seed and grow your own. I do not feed corn except included in scratch. Or unless it is cobs from our sweet corn. Here is a link to a seed source for you. http://rareseeds.com/

Very shortly I will be letting the chickens keep eggs laid. I expect at least 4 to go broody by March. Which means I will need more nest boxes. Hopefully we will have coop added on to for them by then.

As of now I know all chicks will be fathered by Alpha. He is not letting beta breed at all and Beta will not crow either. After first hatch and chicks are 16 weeks Beta will be no more for I do not wish his bloodline in mine. He is way too far off the Standard of Perfection for me to keep. I will be offering him up for a local rooster if not then…..

For those that do not read the Backyard poultry mag they had a article about beets. There is a beet that used to be grown for chicken feed. They are called Mangel beets and chickens love them. You can find seed in the link I gave here. I personally do not like beets. Never had them can not get over smell and color. Hubby on the other hand loves beets. So I guess I will grow some for him and the chickens. This is a different beet being longer and white fleshed but yellow outside. Hmm maybe I can try these. Ok I am off to order some seed. Hubby will love that since he grew up with them being german desent.



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