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New coop February 6, 2011

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Well, this weekend hubby and I made a decsion on the coop situation. Due to his driving and not being home as much he gave the OK to buy a shed. So now I have to plan things a bit different. The one we chose is an 8×12 and will be made into main coop. The 8×8 will be made into the broody coop. I am still deciding where I want this coop but have narrowed that down to two places. One we have to cut some big poplurs the other get rid of stumps of sumacs. Trees will go either way as we had plans to take them down anyways for firewood.

I am thinking seriously of putting it off the east corner of the 8×8 and have it face west. Windows and door are on that side which is the 12 foot side. That will make a courtyard of sorts right there at the entrance to both. I wish to put in a willow to help shade and keep that area dryer. I truely think that place will work better that putting new coop next to old coop. Doing that would block window on west side which would really make that coop hot in summer.

I found a recipe for those of you that have chickens. It is for cooking an old hen or rooster. Here is the link to some good pot pie.
http://ayankeeinasouthernkitchen.com/2009/09/28/old-hen-chicken-pot-pie/ Enjoy.



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