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Broody Time February 9, 2011

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We have a broody. I left eggs in the nest where one of the hens has been sleeping. It was only 5 to start. The other hens have added to it. Last count this morning was 11 and maybe one or two more now.

I knew that was all that was needed for her to go broody. I just hope she does not get more hens to go right now. One right now is good enough. I did the count this afternoon and came up one short. That is why I knew one was missing so I went down to check coop. Luckily she was there in nest box looking so cute. I was worried I had lost one to a hawk. We have seen alot of them of late but they have been small. Since we are feeding song birds those have been hit twice.

So today is day one with 22 more to go. We might get snow tonight but I have put squash in the coop for food in moring in case I get out there late.

Usually when I open the coop in the morning broodies leave the nest to eat and drink. I rarely have had one stay on nest when flock leaves in the morning. Which is good for they get food. I hope the same happens again this year. Now if this dang weather would break for Spring I would be all happy.



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