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Spring is here and its early March 4, 2011

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Well, flowers here are in bloom. Weather is nice but with some bad rain storms and lots of wind. Better than snow. Today coop is wide open to let it air out some. I have been down with cold and hens are laying alot.

Our broody stopped due to cold night and has not gotten back in the mood yet. Oh well, she will I sure soon. At least we will have enough too put under her when she does.

Todays chickens treat will be cooked eggs. I am getting 8 eggs a day now. Although I am collecting sporatic due to being sick. So 8 is just I think number as most time it is more than one days worth I collect. Temps at night are still low 30’s and high 50′ to 60’s. So not worried about eggs going bad.

Coop need spring cleaning bad but that will have to wait till I and hubby feel better. I was able to find someone that has a willow tree that will give me cutting so we shall be getting that this next week. With all the rain the area in front of coop is real soft. I was able to buy a weeping pussy willow which I thought of pitting down at coop. But after reading it will only get to 6 feet that will go out front of house. I took off a small broken branch and the chickens attacked the catkins pussy puffs on it. That was funny too watch them chase each other for one. Willow from what I read I am guessing leaves will make eggs darker. This comes from a french site on Marens breeders. They plant them near coop for that reason it seems. I will put that too the test this year.

Chickens are out now from early morning till about 6:30pm. It is not even full dark before the go to bed. With all the rain I am sure they have been munching on earthworms. I have been tring to keep them away from front of house so they leave hostas that are coming up alone. It will be another month for hostas here to emerge but chickens love the growing bids on them. They were eating my daylilies but now ignore them that they are up more. There is just too much green stuff to eat now comeing in. Well, off I go to see what the racket is about. Alpha is reall taking control of flock.



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