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Broody number two March 20, 2011

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Well, since last post our first broody stopped due to cold weather. We had a real drop here in temps 3 days after I posted. She left the nest so I cooked up eggs for the hens. Now temps have stabelized and nights are not going under 45 anymore. We also have not had any rain for a week which has been a nice break.

So for the past 3 days I have been feeding off back pourch their sunflower seed treat. I noticed one hen having problems walking. She is limping but not bad so I am keeping an eye out for her. Yesterday I had main coop door open and the wind shut it about 2pm on me. So I went out and closed it proper and open poop door instead. Now the thing is that I noticed 2 hens in nest boxes. Nothing unusally there but I was wondering if injured hen had started to stay in a nest box to recover. So in the afternoon later I went out to feed treat and did head count and was one short. So I went out to coop this was about 5pm. Sunset is now 8pm ar there after. Sure enough there was hen in same box. I did some bedding turning too see if she would move nope. So I left it at that till shut down.

Not it is 7:45pm and I went back out. Alpha and 3 hens are still out so I opened coop to see what was up with that hen. Well, she was still there in same nest box. I had a few more hens leave coop after I opened so I went in. So I went to hen in box and got growled at. Hmm, could she have gone broody was this injured hen? So I went to get egg and got pecked so I removed wood egg. I then pulled eggs from the nest box next to this one and put them under her. That was a chore. She would not get up at all. This is not usually for my hens for they stand when we collect eggs if they are in box if they have not layed yet. Not this one she held tight to nest.

This morning I open coop early 7:30am sun was not fullu up yet. Normally I open around 9 to 10 am. So I opened poop door Alpha and 5 hens came out. Boy, was he in the mood. It was funny how much he was dancing to get some. I then opened main door too see about that hen and most of the rest came out. 2 were on the perch and low and behold one of those 2 was the injured one. So that meant the one in the box was a BROODY.

So now we have another broody and I think she will stick with it. She has not come out yet even with me calling out for treats. About noon I will go out and check on her and make sure she leaves long enough to eat and poop. Some hens you just have to get them off the nest once a day for their own good. Last year I had to do that alot. When Partridge Rocks go broody they get serious. Now that one is serious I am wondering how many will follow and how fast.



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