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Noel on Duty March 30, 2011

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Well, today has been interesting to say the least. This morning after I had already let Noel out and back in, we had vistors. Seems our neibor up the road misplaced their 2 chichuauas. I heard Beta sounding off out back and did not know why till I heard one of them yip. I opened front door and there they were on the front driveway in front of my car. Noel shot out of the bedroom( she was sleeping with hubby) and I opened the door. She chased one of the 2 down the driveway till the end. Then came back up, at that time the other started down but when it saw her. OMG what a scream it let out. Noel was so startled she looked at me then at it as it ran past her. She just walked to the hill top of driveway to make sure it ran to the bottom. Man, was that one loud, it screamed like that all the way down. LOL Even woke up hubby now thats impressive. Noels reward after lots of rubs and pats was one big hunk of cheese. Later I bought some neck bones and she got 2 of those. This was actually her second dog determent she did this week. Earlier the neibor that lives above us their 2 chow chow mixs were out running our backwoods. She stayed down at the bottom watching them and staying between them and her chickens. I came out saw they were on our property and yelled at them. That always get them back home. But Noel stayed out for 2 hours on her post watching up that way. Good dog.

Now a note on the broody. She is still stitting but broke another egg so is sitting on 5. As of today I believe we have 4 broodies. I knew that we had another start but today all 4 next boxes were full and growling. I have no idea what the other 2 gals are sitting on but I know the second one is sitting on at least 15 eggs. It has been another rainy day today off and on so I have only gone out twice. Did not bother then hens but check to see where the missing ones were from the flock outside. I was 2 short not including the 2 I knew were sitting. That’s when I found all boxes full and lots of growling at me. If weather clears up tommorrow (I hope) when I open coop they will all come out or should. That is the pattern so far first time door open everyone leaves to eat breakfast I put out. I usually stay to make sure broody does not get harrassed to much. Now it will be harder too tell who is and who is not a broody. I need more nest boxs now and hope they do not get filled with broodies too.



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