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bad news and good news April 15, 2011

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Well, first broody left her nest on the time eggs were to hatch. She moved to the nest next to hers which is larger and had fresh eggs. I broke the eggs from her old nest. A few were rotten some had developed some but not all the way. I am not surprised since this nest we had broken eggs in from the start of her sitting. She is not stopping yet so hopefully she gets to be a mom yet.

Second broody has been leaving nest daily to eat. Today I went out to collect eggs and count hens. I was greated to peeps in nest box. I saw one might have heard more. Threw out empty egg shell chick hatched from. Broody is still sitting tight so she has a couple more days till I remove rest of eggs. Hopefully more hatch.

Weather here has been lousy. It is either raining or windy. Today its really windy and looks like it might rain tonight. Chickens do not like it. Lots of complaints from them getting tail feather blown up over backs. Hopefully in 2 ro 3 days weather will calm down again. I do not want new chicks outside in this for they will get blown away.



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